Feb 2019

Ask the leader of almost any charity what keeps them up at night and the organization’s talent is likely to be near the top of the list – things like how to attract top talent, how to retain high performers and how to match the right talent to the right roles.  But, while its importance is universally acknowledged, many organizations struggle with turning talent into an actual top priority thanks to a lack of time and money to focus on this area.

In this episode, which is Part 2 of a conversation with Tara George, Lead of KCI’s Search and Talent practice, we turn our attention to creating an overall talent strategy, identifying the elements involved in doing that and discussing how to realistically make that happen in what is usually a cash strapped reality at most non-profits. Hear her thoughts on what she calls the “management gap”, and why courage and candour to make the case that investing in talent is no longer optional.

Recorded at the studios of Toast+Jam, Toronto.

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