Aug 2019

In this special four-part Summer Series of KCI’s podcast The Ask we share snippets from some of our favourite recent conversations that we weren’t able to include in an episode.  Some quick, easy listening for those long summer days where we might have better things to do than listen to full-length podcasts about fundraising.  Enjoy!

In this final episode, we circle back one last time to our conversation about talent and talent management with Tara George, the Lead of KCI’s Search and Talent practice…and tackle the topic “Are you ready for a leadership position?”  In this episode, both Tara and host Nicole Nakoneshny get personal about our own journeys and Tara shares some thoughts and advice about what is required to be ready take on a leadership position.

To help you assess your readiness for a leadership position, as well as identify what’s required to be ready, have a look at the Leadership Readiness Assessment Checklist that KCI’s Search Team has put together.

Recorded at the studios of Toast+Jam, Toronto.

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