Giving by Canadians

Giving by Canadians

Back Giving by Canadians Are fewer Canadians giving to charity? For the charitable sector today, there is possibly no more important question. But unfortunately, there is also no clear and definitive answer. On the one hand, we have data from the Canada Revenue Agency...
Mass Philanthropy Part 2

Mass Philanthropy Part 2

Back Mass Philanthropy Part 2 Christmas Seals was one of the very first mass fundraising campaigns ever initiated. Originating in Denmark where a Danish postal clerk came up with the idea of adding an extra charitable stamp to holiday cards mailed over the Christmas...
Mass Philanthropy

Mass Philanthropy

Back Mass Philanthropy Perhaps lacking the cachet and prestige of major and principal gifts, annual and mass giving programs don’t always get the respect and attention they deserve. Sometimes treated almost like an afterthought in fundraising planning, annual and mass...


Back Innovation “The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” This quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald is a particularly apt portrayal of the current reality faced by...
Fundraising and the Economy

Fundraising and the Economy

Back Fundraising and the Economy For many parts of the country, these have been tough times. With the meltdown in oil prices, depreciation of the Canadian dollar, OPEC vicissitudes and the fluctuations of the stock markets across the globe, our economy has been...
Sector Snapshots

Sector Snapshots

Back Sector Snapshots In this edition of Philanthropic Trends Quarterly, we are pleased to share Part Two of our 2015 Sector Snapshots. Part One, focused on ‘the big picture’ in terms of the charitable sector as a whole as well as those related to National Health...

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